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    Using blockchain technology to power recruitment
    because human resources really should be peer to peer.

BiggChain Technology & Recruitment

The Technology

Biometric ID verification

Utilising biometric verification, a means by which a person is uniquely identified by evaluating one or more distinguishing biological traits, to ensure the validity of candidates.

QR Code Trackers

Partnering with leading certification authorities, universities and organizations at an international level to keep a continual professional development record of an individual.

Secure Career Profiles

With the implementation of GDPR BiggChain stay's ahead of the legislation ensuring compliance through real time secure career profiles within a controlled setting.

Standardized Career Profiles

Firm believers in the quality of both perspective employees and the cv's they use, BiggChain uses blockchain technology to standardise profiles and favours the quality of a CVs content over a the layout.

Reduced Referencing

Through utilising blockchain technology and partnering with companies, certification authorities and universities, BiggChain does away with lengthy referencing processes and contains a candidate’s real time academic and employment background within the QR Code.

User friendly

Created alongside some of the world's most talented HR and Recruitment professionals BiggChain truly understands the recruitment process and how blockchain technology can revolutionize the industry, this has been implemented into a user-friendly platform that integrates fully with your existing systems.

BiggChain Technology & Recruitment

Recruitment Overview

Retained Search

Working with full transparency and committed to delivering the very best level of service, we provide leading talent within a 24-hour window with a fully vetted and traceable background over the blockchain.

Project Placement

Suitable for large assignments and managed with a high level of expertise, our project placement service can have your entire team up and running quickly and efficiently.

Outsourced Assignment

With a team of specialists across the entire blockchain spectrum, our outsourced service has the fastest turnaround time and gives a base to remote workers who can be up and running within hours.

BiggChain Technology & Recruitment

Our Management Team

Gary Wilkinson


Martin Raeburn

Head of Technology

Gillian Daley

Head of Delivery